I miss Spotlight Fremantle!

January 7, 2009

I’ve been itching to make something lately and I would usually have gone straight to Spotlight in Freo but, as any other Freo shopper would know, it’s gone now, has been for a while and I feel sad and peeved everytime I see it. I don’t have a car so I never have the opportunity to go to the one on Leach Hwy and there’s the Rockingham one but that would mean going with ze bf and for some reason I don’t think he’d have fun there. I might just go get some wool from one of the Freo op shops when I get paid next, just for something crafty to do. Though most of my pay will be spent on bills and a mini-makeover for my job interview at Dymocks in a couple of weeks. I’m going to have to get a sensible hair cut and some new interview clothes, something like this:

Professional? by teacakes

Once again I’ve left this quite late and must go to sleep. I almost didn’t make it on time to work today. For some strange reason I’m yet to establish, my alarm was on but didn’t go off, correct time, didn’t make it to snooze, as if 5:00 AM wasn’t there yet, but in reality it had passed over half an hour ago. I was out the door in seven minutes and if traffic had been busy I probably would have walked straight in front of a car because I was still half asleep! I’m looking forward to my day off Friday!


4 Responses to “I miss Spotlight Fremantle!”

  1. Esteban said

    i like the sexy outfit, and I would not mind going to Spotlight.. unless you want to spend over 30 mins there.

  2. Em said

    Oh cool, good luck! I love the outfit. I got a lovely job rejection email *boo* from a wedding invite place on Friday. Bummed. This job hunting thing sucks!

  3. teacakes89 said

    Aww that sucks, that job would totally suit you too! You should just start your own party planning service! You’d need a car though.. I’m supposed to fix my car up soon and learn to drive, scary!

  4. Em said

    Yuuup, party planning would be fabooo, I’ve thought about it. I’m still all up in the air. I half wanna new job, half wanna figure out a cake deco business, half wanna make jewellery from home. IT’S ALL SO HARD!

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