A shower of babies.

January 11, 2009

That’s some odd imagery right there.. hehe I had to google it and look what I found!

Anyways, I’m off to my cousins baby shower today, which happens to be my first ever! I’m rather excite, though a bit peeved at myself because I couldn’t finish her pressie in time, being poor and working lots makes it difficult, but I’m sure she won’t mind in the end. I shall report back soon, perhaps with photos if ze bf will let me take his old camera ooh and I might take my polaroid! In other news yay no work tomorrow! I have a feeling I will be online the whole time!

Just dicovered this new Lily Allen song, I haven’t searched her on youtube for a while but had the sudden desire to and now I absolutely love it! The lyrics, the dress, the caravan! Oh my god I love it <3! Here, watch!


One Response to “A shower of babies.”

  1. Em said

    Oooh cool, hope it was a great day!! I am so in lust with Lily’s new song too! As soon as I saw the caravan I was a goner.

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