January 12, 2009

Mm yummy domino’s pizza tonight, though totally filling. It’s strange that I always order a meatosaurus yet used to be a vego.. hmm I miss that, I felt good about what I ate back then. I may try and wean myself of meat again, and smokes.. I used to be rather healthy (and about 15 kilos skinnier lol!) Hopefully writing this down shall promote me to do it, and my amazing, wonderful, lovely bf has even agreed to eat my vego cooking too! His exact words: “i dont care, as long as you feed me“. Just while writing this I’ve begun reminiscing about my favourite vegie dishes and meat substitutes like soysauges and tofurkey jerky! Hmm to keep myself on track I shall start a food diary, perhaps even tomorrow. I’ll give it it’s own page on here and all.

Ze bf just came in talking about if the house burnt down, my reaction, after glancing at the book cases was “My Harry Potter books! My first editions!” That’s priorities right there! Anyways I’m off to browse pro-vegetarian sites to help me get motivated! Nightynight!


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