Trashy teen novels.

January 14, 2009

To your left you will notice a charming photo of me which I am posting as part of the 4 (to the power of two?) picture  meme. It is the fourth picture in the fourth folder in the ‘My Pictures’ folder. Taken at Cott beach I think a couple of years ago. Now to do my part for world peace o.O I shall tag.. shucks I don’t know enough bloggers yet! I’ll have to do two for now.. Pennie & Ash.

Now for the normal blog. Today was rough, but I’ve whinged enough and I don’t like breeding my negativity so I shall talk about the good.. Twilight! I bought it today having decided not to judge it before giving it a chance.. it speaks to my pining, girly, teenage side which is something I don’t always induldge with literature so that’s nice. And it’s what I call a bus book, something that I can read while half asleep or to draw me into another place quickly. And on that note I am off to read more!


2 Responses to “Trashy teen novels.”

  1. Em said

    Hows Twilight going?? I’d be interested to know, I’ve heard *such* mixed reviews, but that kinda makes me want to read it. i pretty much like anything anyway. Right now I have a huge stack of old Babysitters Clubs books *YAY!!!!* I borrowed from a friend, hehe. Hey did you have your Dymocks interview yet?

  2. Emily said

    Oops haven’t checked this in yonks, will explain in next blog lol.

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