Oh, dream weaver

March 1, 2009

The title has no particular relevence as yet, I just have the song in my head, I haven’t watched Wayne’s World in a while.. though there are other films I feel like seeing more so.. right now Vicky Cristina Barcelona is at the top of the list, I adore Scarlett Johansson. Other things I adore are my new canisters(they have lovely little geese on ’em), old Fred Astaire movies I haven’t watched in years, the gorgeous dragonfly dress I bought for vday (so comfy!), old flat back hairbrushes, op shop tea sets, new episodes of Skins, going to the RSL with my mummy and various other family members, cute little singers singing mean, violent, vengeful lyrics and and and sleeping in on my days off.

Well i’m off to the sunday markets, hopefully to find some more things which I adore.


4 Responses to “Oh, dream weaver”

  1. Jen said


  2. Emily said

    She’s one of ’em lol I can not stop listening to her now.

  3. Em said

    It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.
    Did you end up watching vicky Cristina Barcelona? I have it on my desktop but I CBF burning and watching it. Lazzzzy!

  4. Emily said

    Hahaha yeah I watched it, pretty much the next day I think. It didn’t fail to ammuse and entertain me.

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