iLove my iPhone

March 14, 2009

So, as you can probably assume from the title, i have bought an iPhone. I truly adore it, I’m currently typing this on it, on the bus to work, so how could I not?

Lily Allens latest album is playing at the moment, adorable also. I just got around to buying the newest Howling Bells album too and a Hot Chip one. Guess how much that set me back? $6! Because I had accumulated over fifty bucks worth of free stuffs at Mills. I love bargains! Sunday markets tomorrow, always a highlight of the weekend, I’ll post if I get anything super cool.

I’m still trying to get through the Great Gatsby, I think it’s the most tyring thing I have ever read, no clue why though. I haven’t even decided what I am to read next, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. More in entertainment news, I actually really like the new Skins cast, particularly my namesake, Emily. She’s truly lovely and I’m overjoyed that she is becoming a rather central character, I mean she is one of the main characters but she’s had more screentime than some of the rest. Pretty much the only other show I watch at the moment is Battlestar Galactica, I’ll be quite sad when I finish the back seasons and have to wait for them to come out like everyone else.

Almost to Freo, best wrap this up. Toodles.


One Response to “iLove my iPhone”

  1. Em said

    Nice, spam action already! 😛

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