Post time!

May 25, 2009

So, its been an age since I last updated this darned blog of mine, here goes.

Look at some stuff I bought today! Soupy type ramekin bowl things:


Loads and loads of second hand books!

IMG_0324My favourites of which are:IMG_0325
And.. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animal Life Volume 1 & 2 (Mammals)..IMG_0326Plus six little Margaret Fulton cook books and seven from The Good Cook series.

Non-opshop finds include an awesome Spock talking bobble-head!IMG_0328Plus some books including the first two stories in a fantasy series about an eleven year old boy who is a bit special, and not Harry Potter.. or that is what I’ve gathered from the first page. An apparently first edition copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide.. which is strange as we bought it new, and my favourite:IMG_0329

Enough posting? Good. Over & out.