June 18, 2010

I’m back to blogger.

It doesn’t look pretty yet but I’m working on it.


Post time!

May 25, 2009

So, its been an age since I last updated this darned blog of mine, here goes.

Look at some stuff I bought today! Soupy type ramekin bowl things:


Loads and loads of second hand books!

IMG_0324My favourites of which are:IMG_0325
And.. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animal Life Volume 1 & 2 (Mammals)..IMG_0326Plus six little Margaret Fulton cook books and seven from The Good Cook series.

Non-opshop finds include an awesome Spock talking bobble-head!IMG_0328Plus some books including the first two stories in a fantasy series about an eleven year old boy who is a bit special, and not Harry Potter.. or that is what I’ve gathered from the first page. An apparently first edition copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide.. which is strange as we bought it new, and my favourite:IMG_0329

Enough posting? Good. Over & out.

iLove my iPhone

March 14, 2009

So, as you can probably assume from the title, i have bought an iPhone. I truly adore it, I’m currently typing this on it, on the bus to work, so how could I not?

Lily Allens latest album is playing at the moment, adorable also. I just got around to buying the newest Howling Bells album too and a Hot Chip one. Guess how much that set me back? $6! Because I had accumulated over fifty bucks worth of free stuffs at Mills. I love bargains! Sunday markets tomorrow, always a highlight of the weekend, I’ll post if I get anything super cool.

I’m still trying to get through the Great Gatsby, I think it’s the most tyring thing I have ever read, no clue why though. I haven’t even decided what I am to read next, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. More in entertainment news, I actually really like the new Skins cast, particularly my namesake, Emily. She’s truly lovely and I’m overjoyed that she is becoming a rather central character, I mean she is one of the main characters but she’s had more screentime than some of the rest. Pretty much the only other show I watch at the moment is Battlestar Galactica, I’ll be quite sad when I finish the back seasons and have to wait for them to come out like everyone else.

Almost to Freo, best wrap this up. Toodles.

Oh, dream weaver

March 1, 2009

The title has no particular relevence as yet, I just have the song in my head, I haven’t watched Wayne’s World in a while.. though there are other films I feel like seeing more so.. right now Vicky Cristina Barcelona is at the top of the list, I adore Scarlett Johansson. Other things I adore are my new canisters(they have lovely little geese on ’em), old Fred Astaire movies I haven’t watched in years, the gorgeous dragonfly dress I bought for vday (so comfy!), old flat back hairbrushes, op shop tea sets, new episodes of Skins, going to the RSL with my mummy and various other family members, cute little singers singing mean, violent, vengeful lyrics and and and sleeping in on my days off.

Well i’m off to the sunday markets, hopefully to find some more things which I adore.

Can’t buy me love.

February 15, 2009

So, Valentine’s Day is over, I’m yet to settle on whether it is my very best, or if last years was better. I mean the company was the same and that’s why they were both so splendid but obviously the relationship has changed so which is better? Young, fresh, new romance or comfortable, familiar, mutual affection? I won’t get into the gory details of the night but it was very us. We both worked and mine was the same as any other Saturday at Dome, I didn’t notice many couples, I wonder why? It doesn’t stunt my faith in romance, though it does seem to be becoming rarer and rarer, sad considering how much I cherish old-fashioned courting.. Speaking of old things I love, I learnt yesterday that my mummy named me after one of my favourite writers, Emily Brontë, most commonly known for Wuthering Heights. If I didn’t already adore my name..

I’m going to go read Wuthering Heights and listen to Regina Spektor now, awaiting the homecoming of my dearest boy.

So.. wondering why it’s been almost a month since my last post? Twilight. Well more Edward Cullen. I have an obsessive personality and the series nutures so many of my loves that I couldn’t put the books down. I’m hooked. I’m even reading Wuthering Heights again now because its mentioned and I want to read it with Edwards perspective in mind. I’m just glad my bestest Harry Potter friends are also Twilight fans so I already had a forum to go to when I’d finished the 4 and a half books  – stupid half finished Midnight Sun. So that is what has consumed most of my non-work time. I promise to try not to get so distracted in the future.

Next on the agenda, I had my Dymocks interview and it was a bit gay. There wasn’t an actual position going she just wanted to talk to me because she was worried some staff member was gonna leave and was intrigued by my CV etc etc etc. So still at Dome and I do enjoy it most of the time, as much as you can enjoy a hospitality job!

I want to move to the U.S.! I’d settle for Canada. Somewhere cold would be a nice change, wear it snows too sometimes. With IHOP and heaps of bookstores and where I can actually get things shipped to me lol. The last past is because of this stupid special edition DVD. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get it in a year or so when I go over there. I plan on spending part of my 21st (July ’10) at the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, you see? I have a feeling I’m going to get obsessed with the place – America, I mean, not just the theme park. We shall find out soon enough anyways.. and kind of not soon enough too.

Well that’s the latest, I’m off to listen to Robert Pattinson’s lovely voice! Uh-oh making ze bf jealous!

Trashy teen novels.

January 14, 2009

To your left you will notice a charming photo of me which I am posting as part of the 4 (to the power of two?) picture  meme. It is the fourth picture in the fourth folder in the ‘My Pictures’ folder. Taken at Cott beach I think a couple of years ago. Now to do my part for world peace o.O I shall tag.. shucks I don’t know enough bloggers yet! I’ll have to do two for now.. Pennie & Ash.

Now for the normal blog. Today was rough, but I’ve whinged enough and I don’t like breeding my negativity so I shall talk about the good.. Twilight! I bought it today having decided not to judge it before giving it a chance.. it speaks to my pining, girly, teenage side which is something I don’t always induldge with literature so that’s nice. And it’s what I call a bus book, something that I can read while half asleep or to draw me into another place quickly. And on that note I am off to read more!


January 12, 2009

Mm yummy domino’s pizza tonight, though totally filling. It’s strange that I always order a meatosaurus yet used to be a vego.. hmm I miss that, I felt good about what I ate back then. I may try and wean myself of meat again, and smokes.. I used to be rather healthy (and about 15 kilos skinnier lol!) Hopefully writing this down shall promote me to do it, and my amazing, wonderful, lovely bf has even agreed to eat my vego cooking too! His exact words: “i dont care, as long as you feed me“. Just while writing this I’ve begun reminiscing about my favourite vegie dishes and meat substitutes like soysauges and tofurkey jerky! Hmm to keep myself on track I shall start a food diary, perhaps even tomorrow. I’ll give it it’s own page on here and all.

Ze bf just came in talking about if the house burnt down, my reaction, after glancing at the book cases was “My Harry Potter books! My first editions!” That’s priorities right there! Anyways I’m off to browse pro-vegetarian sites to help me get motivated! Nightynight!

A shower of babies.

January 11, 2009

That’s some odd imagery right there.. hehe I had to google it and look what I found!

Anyways, I’m off to my cousins baby shower today, which happens to be my first ever! I’m rather excite, though a bit peeved at myself because I couldn’t finish her pressie in time, being poor and working lots makes it difficult, but I’m sure she won’t mind in the end. I shall report back soon, perhaps with photos if ze bf will let me take his old camera ooh and I might take my polaroid! In other news yay no work tomorrow! I have a feeling I will be online the whole time!

Just dicovered this new Lily Allen song, I haven’t searched her on youtube for a while but had the sudden desire to and now I absolutely love it! The lyrics, the dress, the caravan! Oh my god I love it <3! Here, watch!

I’ve been itching to make something lately and I would usually have gone straight to Spotlight in Freo but, as any other Freo shopper would know, it’s gone now, has been for a while and I feel sad and peeved everytime I see it. I don’t have a car so I never have the opportunity to go to the one on Leach Hwy and there’s the Rockingham one but that would mean going with ze bf and for some reason I don’t think he’d have fun there. I might just go get some wool from one of the Freo op shops when I get paid next, just for something crafty to do. Though most of my pay will be spent on bills and a mini-makeover for my job interview at Dymocks in a couple of weeks. I’m going to have to get a sensible hair cut and some new interview clothes, something like this:

Professional? by teacakes

Once again I’ve left this quite late and must go to sleep. I almost didn’t make it on time to work today. For some strange reason I’m yet to establish, my alarm was on but didn’t go off, correct time, didn’t make it to snooze, as if 5:00 AM wasn’t there yet, but in reality it had passed over half an hour ago. I was out the door in seven minutes and if traffic had been busy I probably would have walked straight in front of a car because I was still half asleep! I’m looking forward to my day off Friday!