Career moves.

January 5, 2009

So I’m another one of those people who has plenty of ideas for careers that might suit but never goes all in to make one in particular a reality. FI once dreamed of owning a cafe, now that I have worked in one as a waitress then counter person then barista, I have changed my mind. I don’t mind making coffees but I can’t drink them anymore and much prefer teas, so if anything I would want a teahouse with scrumptious homemade cakes and cucumber sandwiches cut into quarters for sale. Served on mismatched china and girly tablecloths. Think Madam Puddifoots for all those Harry Potter geeks like me out there. Another of my loves which has appealed to me careerwise is bookstores and this brings us to the relevance of my post because today Dymocks Claremont emailed me. A few months ago, before I returned to Dome I sent them my resume when a job was going, I received an email saying the job was filled and forgot about it. It seems another fulltime position has opened up and they dug up my resume and decided to email me. Claremont is a bit out of the way for me (a 70 minute trip by bus) but I’ve expressed my interest. I need to break into retail and I do love Dymocks and it shall give me an idea of whether I would like to pursue a career in the feild, plus the staff discount would be well used! All I have to do now is wait for a reply and try and not get my hopes up.. a hard task for someone like me.


Momiji Dolls!

January 3, 2009

I adore them! I only have oneĀ  but even if I get more it will be my favourite because my best friend bought it for me. She lives in Brisbane so she decided in her place she would provide a miniature self to keep me company who looks just like her(Pixie, above). And then before christmas this year I went down to Margaret River and found one that looked just like me (Rainbows, below) and gave it to her for christmas. I have Pixie set up in the window of a mini cupboard I also bought in Margaret River at the markets which lives on my dresser so when I miss my friend I can just go read the little message she left in Pixie! To most people it would just be another of my many trinkets/decorations/toys/dollsĀ  but it means a lot to me.. I wonder what things in other people’s homes mean something to them that I just overlook as an ordinary object.

In other news, my transition from Blogger to WordPress was rather smooth thanks to Emma and I already like it so much more, but this will have to be a short post because I’ve wasted much time fiddling. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to customise everything to suit me, until then I quite like this theme..

Enjoy it while you can! xx

Once upon a time, when teacakes was a lazy free loader she used to spend all her time at a lovely little place called Potter Forums. She made many wonderful friends and would chat to them everyday, although for them, it was night, for most of them lived in a faraway place called America. Then, all of a sudden, she decided she was through being a bludger. She found a job and has been trapped in the vicious cycle of working through the day and resting at night with little or no time for internet shenanigans. Lately, she has begun making time to visit the land of the internet, where her fellow dorks roam but still it is not how it once was, for though her night hours are somewhat free to converse via the aforementioned interweb galaxy, all her Potter Forum friends are at work or school. This story is yet to have a happy ending.. Oh, what to do? What to do! Woe is me.
To be continued..

A new year, a new blog.

January 1, 2009

So I’ve decided to, once again, create a blog. One of my resolutions is to stick with it this time, not get sidetracked and stop updating. Fingers crossed. I should probably introduce myself but I’ll set up a page for that later.. and you can obviously pick up a few things just by reading. Okay maybe just a quick description.. I’m a nineteen year old barista queen from Perth named Emily, but you can call me teacakes. Why teacakes? Well its partly a TV reference but also tells you a little more about me, I love tea, I love cakes, and everything to do with either. Like tea parties, leaf brewing, baking, cutesy things, sparkly and frilly and colourful things, girly things and a whole bunch more. I’m a bit of a dorky internet loser, I love forums and long chats on MSN or skype but cringe when I’m stuck in dead end conversations. Idle chit-chat is not my cup of tea, Orange Pekoe is at the moment! I love marathons of newly downloaded shows and am currently dying for the new Skins to come out. There’s a character named Emily and I already adore her and totally want my hair like hers! See:

Eep, it’s getting late. I must go to bed. Starting work at 6:30 is not fun, especially when you have to catch a bus.. though I think I’d miss public transport if I ever actually learnt to drive. It has a kind of charm to it. And gives me time to read with few distractions besides the occasional loud, obnoxious person on their phone. I don’t understand people so attached to their phones, that being said I feel slightly off if I don’t have mine. Never mind that now, I’ll leave you with a video of the song stuck that has been stuck in my head all night, Empire of the Sun’s Walking On A Dream, it’s just lovely, and I’m so happy those two have gotten together to create because they are so fabulous seperately in Pnau and The Sleepy Jackson. Here ya go!

Night xx